I don’t know what the New England Patriots were thinking. They’re already a great team – why mess it up by breaking the rules? I’m totally against cheating. No, seriously, I am!
Here are ten reasons why you should never ever cheat.

1. There are better ways to beat the system. For example, if you didn’t study for a test, don’t copy off the person next to you! Just convince the teacher that tests are overrated.

2. Cheaters always get caught. Except for Timmy McGibney that one time. Ooops!            Sorry, Timmy.

3. You’ll feel bad about yourself — so bad, even ice cream won’t help.

4. Your parents will be the one thing that’s worse than mad. They’ll be DISAPPOINTED.

5. Other kids will pretend to think it’s cool, but secretly they’ll think you’re a loser.

6. It will stick with you forever. Unlike, for example, a C- in sixth grade science. Not that I got that or anything.

7. Girls hate cheaters.

8. Being immoral is bad. As opposed to being immortal, which is excellent. Unless you’re a zombie.

9. Rules aren’t made to be broken. They’re made to be bent.

10. The food in detention is really bad.

Announcing the CJJ 2014 Micro-Mini-Intimate-Relatively-Small-Just-Us-Kids-Where-Is-Everybody? Tour!

Come on out and see me as I celebrate the launch of CHARLIE JOE JACKSON’S GUIDE TO MAKING MONEY. Hurry, or you’ll have to sit in the second row!

Sat, Sept 20 – Princeton Children’s Book Festival

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Thurs Oct 2 — Barnes and Noble, Westport (with some other amazing local authors!)

Sat, Oct 18 — Tweens Read, Columbia MD
Sun, Oct 19 — Barnes and Noble, Bethesda MD
Tues, Oct 21 — Quail Ridge Books, Raleigh NC
Wed, Oct 22 — Foxtale Books, Woodstock GA
Sat, Nov. 1 – Albany Children’s Book Festival

It’s The First Day Of No School!


An Empty Nest Poem by Tommy G


It’s here! It’s finally here!

The first day of school!

The first day of the year!


There’s so much to do.

Try not to make a fuss.

And we can’t miss the school bus!


But wait.

Something is different this year.

Where are the children?

They’re not here!


There are no children to wake.

And no lunches to make.


That’s right!

They’re all grown!

Off to college, or other adventures all their own.


So now what?

What do you do?


Do you sit around and mope?

Give up hope?

Possibly even bawl?

Absolutely not!

Well, maybe for a day or two.

You’re only human, after all.


But after that, enough.

Time to get tough.


Time to see what this can truly mean.

Peace. Quiet. Freedom. A house that’s truly clean!


A love to renew.

That long-delayed dream you can finally pursue.

That promise to yourself you can finally keep.

Or maybe just a good night’s sleep.


Just try to remember, whatever you choose

This is honestly, truly good news.


Indeed, it’s time for the children to go.

Because guess what? Now it’s your turn to grow.




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